Attorney Maucere Admitted to Practice before Courts of International Trade, Federal Appeals

April 18, 2011

Washington, DC

On 5 April, Attorney Scott Raymond Maucere, was admitted on motion to practice before the Court of International Trade and the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.  Mr. Maucere, managing member of southeast boutique law firm Maucere Law Group LLC, was sworn in before the two courts in special session at the historic US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit complex, which includes the landmark Dolly Madison House on Lafayette Square.

The Court of International Trade hears cases involving customs disputes, tariffs and duties, and other trade litigation.  The CIT sits in New York City.  The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit also has a very limited jurisdiction, and hears appeals from the CIT, as well as appeals on trademark  and other issues.  The CAFC sits in Washington, DC.

Both courts have jurisdiction related to Mr. Maucere’s international practice.  Says Maucere: “Admission to these courts allows me to engage in international trade litigation, which expands the level of services that I can provide my clients without having to go to Chicago or New York.  There’s not many firms in the region that can offer that.”

Information regarding the CIT and the CAFC can be found at and

To find out how Mr. Maucere can help you with your international trade matters, please contact him at or at +1 423.855.1755.

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