Headquartered in beautiful Chattanooga, Tennessee, an important mid-sized city centrally located between four major cities and the gateway to the South, Maucere Law Group LLC is uniquely positioned to provide legal services throughout the region.  Long a hub of transportation and manufacturing, today the Chattanooga area is the center to a diverse collection of industry, from hospitality to clean energy.  It’s the perfect place to host our collection of client-centered services for the entire region.

Our approach is simple: To make the practice of law more streamlined, more accessible, more easily understood, and more affordable especially for small and mid-sized businesses.  We start by carefully selecting our clients and the cases we work on.  You won’t get a lawyer who’s working on your case and a hundred other cases too–he knows exactly what’s going on in your file and what comes next.

And we’re not just someone to handle your legal problems; we become partners in your vision and develop an ongoing relationship with you.  And while we’re among the most modern firms in the country, we treat that relationship in the oldest, best tradition of the legal profession.  We’re discreet and we keep you abreast of your situation and your costs.  We know our clients by name, and we talk weekly, sometimes daily, about our legal strategy and your vision.  We believe communication is essential to demystifying the legal process, and any time you have a question, call us and we’ll put it in plain English and set your expectations realistically.

We don’t overload your case with a dozen associates and then work it to death, but we do keep our rates cost-effective so that we can spend more time researching and advocating your case per dollar than many other area firms.

We don’t waste our resources; we’re streamlined and agile. We might be in the office; we’re just as likely out working one-on-one with our clients, or defending their rights in court.

Please give us a call to set up a consultation.  We’d love to discuss becoming part of your team.

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