At Maucere Law Group, we don’t like lawsuits.  In fact, we hate them.  They’re expensive, they put your good name at risk, and they take time away from your business’ productivity.  And the first thing we do is to try to help you avoid court.  We employ litigation avoidance strategies to protect your company from needless lawsuits and we settle disagreements without filing suit.  But sometimes, lawsuits just can’t be avoided.  And while we’d prefer that you never have to see the inside of a courtroom, if litigation appears on your business’ horizon, our attorneys are prepared to fight to win.

A large part of our practice focuses on complex business litigation—breach of contracts, corporate and shareholder disputes, business torts.  We work every day with companies in bet-the farm litigation, when not only the value of the business is at stake, but the very reputations of the company and its owners and employees are at risk.  We understand that what really is on the line is your bottom line.

We select the cases we represent very carefully.  This ensures that you only get our best efforts.  Our signature client services extend to our litigation practice areas—hands-on approaches you won’t find at a big box firm.  Our attorneys are always accessible, we return phone calls, and we try as hard as humanly possible to let you know what things are going to cost you ahead of time—you’ll always know what’s going on, and what’s going to happen next.

Why?  Because your business matters.  Because victory matters.

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